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Cosmetic teeth cleaning services for dogs by Karen Jones a veterinary technician


Cosmetic teeth cleaning is done by ...Using only experience, patience & TLC!

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My services are provided at multiple LOCATIONS

The Hounds On Merivale

 1014 Merivale Road

Ottawa, Ontario

(613) 728-2951

By appointment Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

The Hounds Of Cornwall

629 Pitt Street

Cornwall, Ontario

(613) 930-2229

By appointment Sunday Monday Tuesday

Cosmetic teeth cleaning day for dogs can be will be hosted at...

Dog Gone Beautiful pet groomer

120 Ida Str N, Arnprior, Ontario (613) 296-3033 Angei O Neill

booking in November 6th

Harrow located just outside of Windsor, held at Doggy Styles

October 19 till 24 th

call (613) 930-2229

Sutton West -  located in Toronto area

November 17 th

Dog Scents

25542 Park Rd (905) 722-5455 Trish Foley


(613) 930-2229 Karen Jones veterinary technician with over 20 years experience in animal behavior and health care.

Our service cosmetically scales and cleans your dogs teeth above the gum line while gently accomplishing this technique with the use of sharp hand instruments plus finishing with soft hand polishing for white shiny teeth only using experience and patience & TLC!

I work one on one with your pet to gain their trust, massaging while patiently introducing the tools, once your pet understands that nothing bad is happening, I continue with the cleaning and their comfort level, health and well being are always monitored.  Pets pick up on energy and so I provide a clean, quiet, calm  setting to offer them relaxation during the cleaning free from distractions.

Free sneak peak prior to cleaning with an accurate consultation in the location of Ottawa or Cornwall.

You can send along pictures of your dogs teeth for a sneak peak,

I will need the left, the right, and straight front views.

email them to:

[email protected]

Cost $75 to $200 with an approximate average cost $175

an accurate quote can be given in person

Discount for service dogs or Therapy dogs.

A report card, a toothbrush, and a biscuit when finished.

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20 plus years of experience, patience, affordability & love for dogs

(613) 930-2229 cell

(613) 728-2951 Ottawa store

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Cosmetic teeth cleaning includes brushing, scaling, & polishing with the use of hand instruments above the gum line.